AEPA Roundtable | Eliminating Economic Exclusion

Led by Rachel MacFarlane, Lead Adviser for Underserved Learners, HFL Education (previously Herts for Learning)

Rachel is Lead Adviser for Underserved Learners at HFL Education. She was formerly headteacher of two secondary schools and then set up and led an all-through school in East London. She has written a number of books on aspects of social mobility and educational equity, the latest of which is An A-Z of Inclusion and Diversity (2024).
Rachel will reflect on the real costs of the school day and the impact that economic hardship has on the experiences of children in our schools. She will present the findings of Eliminating Economic Exclusion audits that she and her colleagues at HFL Education have been conducting. Rachel will share inclusive strategies to minimise the marginalisation and stigmatisation of economically disadvantaged pupils and ensure that all learners can be fully involved and engaged in every aspect of school life.

Date: Tues, 19 November 2024

Time: 16:00 – 17:00 BST

Location: Online