Official Launch of LocalED Project

I am very pleased on behalf of the 9 Pilots and the Project Team to announce that today we have officially launched the LocalED project, sharing the exciting news that our pilots have been chosen and are up and running. As you can see 4 AEPA Members have been chosen to be pilots.

As the project is in its early stages, we are starting with a softer launch that will build in momentum over time.

Key information is now available including:

  • The LocalEd website with background and information available on the project and our three pioneering pilots. There are really goods quotes from our pilot leads explaining what has drawn them to take part when there is so much else on. They will bring, it is already clear, an ambition to do things differently.
  • Sharing three new blog posts authored to our experienced team leads, focusing on the pilot areas:
    o Why the focus on vulnerable pupils? by Ben Bryant, Director of the Isos Partnership (Pilot 1)
    o Why the focus on Combined Authorities? by Simon Day, Director of the Isos Partnership (Pilot 2)
    o Why the focus on professional accountability? by Christine Gilbert former, LocalED Advisor and Simon Rea, Director of the Isos Partnership (Pilot 3)
  • A press release is available here. We are starting discussions with targeted media spanning education and local government to amplify discussions on the importance of locality based working.
  • An infographic is available to crystallise why locality-based approaches build strong school systems and support for vulnerable pupils. This is included within this email and we will be using it as part of our dissemination activity.

Over the coming days we will also be launching our new social media channels on Twitter and LinkedIn. These will naturally take time to evolve and grow but we are excited to engage with pilots, our steering group and wider supporters as we build our following. We will share more information on this shortly.

If you have any further questions about the initial LocalED launch,  please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thank you all for your support so far.